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We offer a comprehensive range of electrical engineering services

Service IconDynamic Balancing

Comprehensive balancing service that ensures your rotating equipment maintains those all-important requirements to prevent machine failure and expensive downtime.

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Service IconEngineering Services

To repair equipment correctly, we fix both the mechanical and electrical defects. This can mean many different engineering services can be required.

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Service IconOn site Services

Our specialist teams can handle repairs and overhauls in the field or on-site at your premises no matter where you’re located.

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Service IconOverhauls

Dismantling a piece of machinery to check, inspect and replace bearings, seals and electrical components.

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Service IconRewinding

We maintain motor efficiency by accessing engineer programs and databases in Australia and the United States to verify the accuracy of our winding data.

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Service IconOther Services?

Contact us to find out if we can help you with anything engineering related.

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How We Work

We have a total commitment to quality and safety.

Electrical Services With Safety In Mind

Our policy is to maintain a high level priority to the health and safety of all our employees and the employees of sub-contractors. To achieve this we ensure that all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice are implemented and followed.

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ISO9001 Certified

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ESEA Standards

ISO 9001 International Organization for StandardizationEASA Electro-mechanical authority