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We’re Committed to Quality

Gouk & Sullivan's values and beliefs are that we act with integrity, honesty and transparency as we perform to achieve results to the highest standards in the industry.

Our location is in Mt Wellington, Auckland adjacent to the southern motorway and puts us in a good position to offer a prompt, efficient service to local factories, shipping ports of Auckland, Tauranga, Whangarei and to industry further afield.

As electrical engineers the company specializes in armature and motor rewinding and the general servicing and repair of electric motors, generators, transformers and other related plant and equipment.

Our in-house one stop repair workshop consists of two balancing machines, two lathes, mig and tig welding, metal spray gear, coil winding machines, three temperature controlled bake out ovens, a large temperature controlled burn out oven, coil press, coil spreader, two varnish vacuum pressure impregnation vessels, a milling machine, large varnish tank, electrical testing equipment and test run facilities for both AC and DC motors.

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ISO 9001 accredited company

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Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) standards compliant

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We provide 24/7 service

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50 Years Experience

ISO 9001 International Organization for StandardizationEASA Electro-mechanical authority
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The History

Looking Back

The company was first formed in 1931 by Eric Gouk and Basil Sullivan. In 1941 Allan McMurtrie started as a young 14 year old apprentice. After working there for about 2 1/2 years, the firm shifted from 79 Wellesley Street West to larger premises at 81 Wellesley Street West.  Overtime was considerable because of the war effort and the business was classified as an “essential industry”.

Eventually Allan purchased a few shares in the company and then more when Mr Gouk retired, and finally in 1950, Allan bought Mr Sullivan’s shares when he retired to have total ownership of the company.

After 23 years as sole owner, in 1973 he took in two other partners, Paul Milbank and Ben Kerrigan. After 18 months Ben decided he did not want to participate in management and so Allan offered his shares to Doug Shadbolt.  

The company outgrew its premises at 111 Wellesley Street and in 1983 moved to larger premises at 4 Gabador Place, Mt Wellington, where it is currently situated.

After working another 7 years at the new premises, and 48 years in total with one company, Allan decided it was time to retire in 1990.

Graham Gibbons joined the company in 1972 as an apprentice when he was only 16. John Helmink joined the company in 1983 as a Mechanical Engineer. They both became shareholders in 2009 by purchasing Paul Milbank's shares. Vikash Lal joined the company in 1992 as an apprentice and in 2013 became a third shareholder by purchasing Doug Shadbolt's shares. Graham went on to retire in 2021 leaving John and Vikash as the current sole directors.

Gouk & Sullivan has a proud tradition of mentoring staff and providing an opportunity for those with the ability to rise to ownership of the company.

Our Company

Gouk & Sullivan is still wholly New Zealand owned and run by the shareholders John Helmink and Vikash Lal.

Our Mission

We have extensive experience of electrical motor and generator installations and no job is too small. Customers value our professionalism, our competitive prices, and our transparent reporting.


Originally set up in 1931 by Eric Gouk and Basil Sullivan


Allan McMurtrie started as a young 14 year old apprentice


Allan McMurtrie purchased Mr Sullivan's shares in the company when he retred


Graham Gibbons joins the company at just 16 years old as an apprentice


Allan McMurtrie took in two other partners, Paul Millbank and Ben Kerrigan. After 18 months Ben decided he did not want to participate in management and so Allan offered his shares to Doug Shadbolt


John Helmink joins the company, and they relocate to Mt Wellington


Allan McMurtrie retires


Graham and John became shareholders


Vikash Lal joins the company


Vikash Lal becomes a shareholder


John Helmink and Vikash Lal take over running the company together as joint shareholders

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Our Team

Meet Our Principle Engineers

Our people are fully qualified with all types of services whether it's small or large you'll get a top-notch service.

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