On Site Services


When we say nationwide coverage, that’s exactly what we mean. Our specialist teams can handle repairs and overhauls in the field or at on-site at your premises no matter where you’re located. It’s the perfect solution for plant overhauls or when the size of the equipment makes dismantling and transportation either uneconomic or just plain impossible.

Services include:
On site testing

  • In-situ squirrel cage rotor testing.
  • Removal and replacement of motors, machinery etc.
  • On site stator and rotor cleaning.
  • On site rewinding.

Vibration and bearing checks

  • In-situ bearing replacement.
  • In-situ dynamic balancing.
  • Crack testing of drive shaft and keyways.
  • In-situ commutator, slipring machining or grinding.
  • Commutator/slipring maintenance.
  • onsite2Brushgear repairs/overhauls.
  • Brush replacements.
  • Providing skilled labour and backup service for contractors.

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For further information about on site servicing, please contact:
John Helmink, or Vikash Lal.
Phone: +64 9 573 1465
Fax: +64 9 573 1464
Email: graham@gouk.co.nz

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