Engineering Services

Many electrical failures are caused by mechanical defects that can include the wrong lubrication, bearing wear, metal fatigue, out-of-balance vibration and misalignment. So to repair equipment correctly, we fix both the mechanical AND electrical defects.

We appreciate that machine downtime costs you money. That’s why our in-house engineering division is committed to quality workmanship and quick turnaround. We’ll go the extra mile to get the job done even faster for those crucial breakdowns.


  • Commutator machining
  • Slip ring machining
  • DE shaft rebuilds
  • Shaft straightening
  • Shaft modifications
  • Keyway cutting
  • Stator endbell spigot repairs
  • Pulley/coupling repairs
  • Bearing housing rebuilds
  • Bearing journal repairs
  • Magnet repairs
  • Heat exchanger repairs/rebuilds
  • Metal spray shafts and housings
  • Brake repairs
  • Mechanical parts repair
  • Formed coils for armatures

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1. Cracked rotor bars

1. Cracked rotor bars

Rotor Rebar

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