Dynamic Balancing


Balancing and rotating machinery has become an increasingly important factor in the development of modern equipment where the needs for speed and/or reliability are high. An integral part of our operations is to offer a comprehensive balancing service for rotating equipment, with high operating speeds even small amounts of imbalance can cause excessive vibrations, often resulting in mechanical failure and expensive downtime.

Here at Gouk and Sullivan, we provide a comprehensive balancing service that ensures your rotating equipment maintains those all-important requirements and prevent machine failure and expensive downtime.

We can balance a wide range of equipment, including pulleys, fans, impellers, and rotor armatures, from 100 grams to 6 ton.

If required a mandrel or special fixture can be designed and fabricated by our engineers to ensure the highest accuracy in dynamic balance of your equipment.

Dynamic balancing of rotating assemblies to help to eliminate former vibration troubles, bearing wear, excessive noise.

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