Quality Manual

  • Gouk and Sullivan (1971) Ltd has a total commitment to quality.
  • Gouk and Sullivan (1971) Ltd have adopted ISO 9002 as a quality system for all business activities and procedures.
  • Gouk and Sullivan (1971) have adopted Telarc workshop code: 2009.
  • The quality and reliability of the company’s products are the concern of every person in the organisation.
  • Quality cannot be inspected into the product and every section of the company has quality related responsibilities.
  • All members of our staff are encouraged to be responsible for their own work and to participate in the quality programme to ensure a team approach to solving quality problems.
  • A “do it right first time” approach is a key to quality production, cost reduction, productivity and customer satisfaction. To help achieve this objective any quality problems that arise are to be identified and solved with speed, technical efficiency and economy.
  • The methods employed are to be subject to continual review, with techniques improved whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Gouk and Sullivan (1971) is commmited to achieving the above objectives to ensure the production of a quality product, that not only meets, but exceeds expectations of our customers.