Quality Control

Our policy is to give and maintain a high priority to the health and safety of all our employees and the employees of sub-contractors. To achieve this, we ensure that all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice are followed. Objectives

  • To provide our employees with work, area, premises and plant which are safe.
  • To safeguard our employees from foreseeable hazards.
  • To train our employees in safe work practices and make them aware of their own responsibilities.
  • To provide general health and safety training for new entrants at all levels.
  • To insist that health and safety instructions, systems and procedures are followed.
  • To maintain proper measures for fire prevention and protection of people and buildings.
  • To provide appropriate medical and first aid facilities.
  • To maintain the Accident Register and monitor company health and safety performance.
  • To acheive our health and safety objectives by joint consultations and involvement with all employees.

By integrating safety at all levels into our productivity and quality system, we shall achieve continuous improvement throughout the whole workplace.